5-Point Community
Action Plan

Your Priorities Are My Priorities

My campaign is focused on the most important issues for local residents, namely keeping our community clean and free from waste, creating new, affordable housing rather than endless blocks of student accommodation and protecting our parks and green spaces.

1. Keep Sighthill/Gorgie Clean

If re-elected, I will pilot free waste collections for large items for local residents in our ward and increase street cleaning resources. The current waste collection fee creates a financial barrier and penalises the many people in our area who do not have private vehicles to visit the dump.


I will also continue the weekly ward walks to report any litter, dog waste, fly tipping or potholes in the local area by taking photos and reporting via Twitter to @edinhelp (Council services) with specific location for action. We find this the quickest and easiest method.


Check out the weekly posts (and fortnightly litter pick at Redhall Park) to @edinhelp on Twitter:

Keep Gorgie Clean (Gorgie & Dalry)

Saughton House (Stenhouse, Whitson & Saughton Mains)

SightPark House (Sighthill, Broomhouse & Parkhead)

Keep Redhall Park Clean (Longstone, Redhall & Inglis Green)

2. Protect Our Public Parks

I believe that the protection of parks and green spaces is key to the City’s economic recovery following the pandemic. We have all seen the vital importance of parks and green spaces to our mental health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

If re-elected, I will continue to seek to protect our local green spaces, support Friends of Parks groups and community-led projects to upgrade our local parks, paths and public spaces, making them accessible and welcoming for residents of all ages.


Check out the websites below for our projects that aims to improve our public parks and greenspaces:

SightPark House (Sighthill, Broomhouse & Parkhead)

Saughton House (Stenhouse, Whitson & Saughton Mains)

Friends of Redhall Park (Longstone, Redhall & Inglis Green)

3. More Affordable Housing

Gorgie, Dalry and Westfield are being relentlessly targeted by Purpose Built Student Accommodation developers and I have successfully led community campaigns to oppose unsuitable proposals at the Scotmid and Dalry colonies sites, protecting the amenity of local people. If re-elected, I will continue to fight for new affordable housing in my ward and for Edinburgh Council’s existing policies to protect balanced communities to be strictly enforced.


Check out our housing projects and campaigns at Housing Activism.


4. Tackle Poverty & Cost of Living Crisis

The Council have set out key actions to be taken over the next decade to prevent poverty through people-focused and "poverty-proofed" Council services, helping households maximise their incomes, establishing Edinburgh as a Living Wage City and pressing the UK and Scottish Governments for changes to housing investment and social security policy are among the priority actions outlined in the delivery plan. If re-elected, I will push and scrutinise to ensure the delivery plan it is fully implemented.

5. More Joined Up Thinking to Address Roadworks & Potholes


If re-elected, I will push for more joined up thinking and better coordination with the Council's  road maintenance and utility works to minimise the disruption of road maintenance. I will push for developers and contractors to take responsibility for ensuring good quality road maintenance and repairsI will also request for a review to provide fast emergency repairs for large and dangerous potholes.