Angry Councillor Takes to Twitter to Highlight Problems with Overflowing Bins

A City Councillor has taken to Twitter to highlight 'regular issue' of overspilling bins at Stenhouse and Saughton Mains.

Sighthill and Gorgie councillor, Ashley Graczyk has asked Edinburgh City Council to empty overflowing waste bins and clear the litter-strewn area near 81-85 Stenhouse Street West as soon as possible.

Smashed glass, empty bottles and plastic bags are regularly found in the area which Cllr Graczyk said is creating a permanent ‘eyesore’.

She said: “I have had many local residents in Saughton Mains and Stenhouse area complaining about the state of the overflowing bins, the dumped items and rubbish being scattered everywhere near Saughton Mains Park area.

“I saw a similar mess a few weeks ago and reported it to the council for it to be addressed, and I’m also aware this is a regular occurrence. It is a complete eyesore and is utterly unacceptable.”

“I am working with the council to do everything we can to prevent this from happening again and to urgently install more large bins because Saughton Mains Park area is not a dumping ground, but our homes.”

Cllr Graczyk has requested a further large waste bin to be installed near Stenhouse Street West to stop this recurring issue.

Edinburgh City Council has been asked for a comment.

Published in the Edinburgh News 11th November 2020