Councillor speaks out as locals regularly 'intimidated' by 'verbally abusive' groups on motorbikes

An Edinburgh councillor has spoken out about regular ‘motor biking rampage’ throughout the Sighthill and Gorgie area.

Councillor Ashley Graczyk has asked for police intervention after several incidents involving groups on off road motorbikes in the Sighthill and Gorgie area.

She explained: “Many residents are concerned about their personal safety, and for some, also their dogs, because of the intimidating behaviours by these riders, usually two or three.

"Some were verbally abused when the riders were confronted and even children and the elderly were being intimated or/and distressed as the riders zoomed about doing wheelies while making an absolute racket.

"It is just not on.”

A police operation was launched, Operation Pillar, to look into anti social behaviour in the South West of Edinburgh, however, Cllr Graczyk has said that when she reached out to police for an update, they said: “Operation Pillar is still ongoing, however we have been diverted to divisional matters for the past couple of weeks so haven’t been out as much in Sighthill Park as we were.”

This was followed by an assurance that more officers would be on patrol in the area going forward.

The Councillor continued: "This whole thing is utterly unacceptable, and quite frankly, more robust action from the Police is needed, including getting these off-road motorbikes confiscated ASAP.

"So, what this boils down to, and I know this will be immensely frustrating for many local residents, but please report any incidents to the Police – and make sure you get a reference number – so that the Community Investigation Unit (CIU) can build a clearer picture in order to identify the culprits and to build evidence.”

Police Scotland has been contacted for comment.

Published in Edinburgh News | 30th March 2022