Edinburgh Vandals Slammed Over 'Heartbreaking Destruction' of Saughton Park

Vandals have been targeting Saughton Park in Edinburgh, smashing up windows and even damaging the play area for children. Edinburgh's popular Saughton Park has been subject to a spate of senseless vandalism which has even seen the play area and sensory garden targeted. Pictures have emerged which show windows smashed up and broken glass left behind at the green house of the community space, where children often play. Community group Friends of Saughton Park told Edinburgh Live that it was "heartbreaking to see such destruction in our cherished park." Now Councillor for Sighthil and Gorgie Ward, Ashley Graczyk is hoping to get new CCTV cameras installed in the area as soon as possible, so that the "senseless" vandals can be caught and prosecuted. Councillor Graczyk told Edinburgh Live: "It is immensely disappointing to see a spate of vandalism at our well-loved Saughton Park including the kids' play area and the sensory garden last month, and just recently, the greenhouse and its surrounding area. "It is so disheartening to see this senseless activity at one of the best parks in Edinburgh with precious green space, great facilities and enjoyed by many people." "I’m determined to do everything I can to ensure the public will have every opportunity to enjoy an inspiring community asset in our lovely public green space."

She added: "I’m urgently pursuing every avenue at the City of Edinburgh Council to get the new CCTV camera installed ASAP so those caught can be prosecuted," she added. "My main concern is that any further delays mean more potential vandalism may occur, but the council has finally confirmed installation date, so hopefully progress can be made now that certain issues have been identified and addressed." "I have also liaised with the local police who have confirmed they have increased patrolling and continuing with their prevention and intervention work within the vicinity. I encourage anyone who has seen, or heard anything to please contact the police.” Published in Edinburgh Live | 21st November 2020