'This is absolutely abhorrent' - Edinburgh park's historic building smashed in vandalism attack

A historic glasshouse at a park in the Capital has been vandalised after several windows were smashed.

The building, in Saughton Park’s Winter Garden, was pictured with smashed out windows and shards of broken glass surrounding it on the floor on Monday morning.

Resident Thomas Mccourt took a picture of the scene and reported the vandalism attack to police.

He said the area suffers from repeated cases of vandalism and alerted Edinburgh City Council to the damage.

CCTV cameras are due to be installed in Saughton Park due to increased crime in the area, but the project will not be completed until the end of January next year.

Residents have since taken to social media, where images of the smashed greenhouse have been shared, to condemn those responsible for causing the damage.

Fiona Black said: “This is absolutely abhorrent. What gets into their heads to think this is big and clever? Scum of the earth.”

Others said the damage is “incredibly sad” and said action needs to be taken to prevent further cases of vandalism in the area.

Speaking about the incident, Cllr Ashley Graczyk, of Sighthill and Gorgie ward, said the attack is “devastating” for the community and that investigations are underway to determine who is responsible for the criminal act.

She said: “It is just awful to see another vandalism happen again in our well-loved and public owned park. This is devastating for Friends of Saughton Park and the City of Edinburgh Council officers who have put so much work into this community asset for the enjoyment of all. It is also immensely upsetting and disheartening for the local community who love and use this beautiful green space."

“I have contacted the police for an update, they are now working to identify the individuals and take appropriate action.”

Regarding the installation of the Public Realm CCTV she said the work began on 30 November but will not be completed until next month.

“The council can confirm that concrete bases need to be sunk into the ground, camera poles need to be installed in 10 location, fibre needs to be installed across the park to each camera location and power need to be drawn to each location from the hydro dam supply,” she explained.

“The fibre that is currently supplied by virgin will be fully upgraded on 18 December allowing the Council to connect cameras as they are installed, which will give added protection to the park on an ongoing basis rather than wait until the end of the contract."

“I will also be seeking reassurance from the Council that the facilities and the Park will receive continued care, attention and planned maintenance going forward."

Published in the Edinburgh News | 7th December 2020